15th January 2012

On the 17
th of December I realized that the anniversary of our fellowship would occur next month. A good
excuse for a ride to Loxton, the founding place of our fellowship.  A few e-mails to Tony Moyle and Robin Nuttall to check their thoughts.

Things got started, there was not much time, e-mails went out to the members in South Australia and to a few members in Victoria. There where four groups riding to Loxton from different directions. One group from Port Pirie, the second group from the south of Adelaide, the third group from Gawler and finally the fourth group from the Ballarat area, a few people arrived in cars.

We met a bakery in Loxton, after a drink and meeting new faces we rode down to the River for a photo next to a monument, where a photo was taken 20 years ago, at the founding of the fellowship.  After the photo session we rode to the Bella
Lavender Estate, where the guest speaker, the owner of the estate, gave an interesting talk on the production of lavender oil. We had a great lunch and some good time chatting.

The people from Victoria left early as they had a long trip back, an hour or so later the rest of us from
Adelaide, north and south left for home. Beverley and I travelled over 400 k’s that day and the guys from
Victoria a lot more, if you add up everybody’s distance, I think around 6000k’s combined, not a bad effort at short notice.

Personally I really enjoyed meeting everybody and to have a chat, putting faces to names and I am looking
forward to the Swan Hill Meet and Greet ride on April 28th– 29th.

Thank you to everybody.


Claus Weber