Hi All, 

I ended up going to NZ on my own for a 18 day 4000klm bike ride !
and was very surprised how very green and wet it was when I got there.

I flew into Wellington, spent most of first day in "Te Papa" Museum of NZ as it was wet and windy.

Had coffee and good chat to Sina, our guide on the Cambodia tour, who was attending a sponsored university program. Picked up and checked out my bike, a Honda 750 NC. Next day rode to Turangi and used a resort as a base to tour about for five days.

Rode to Taupo for parasailing, Tokora, Taumarunui, Whakapa in Tongario N.P. and a big day south to Taihapa, east over 'Gentle Annie' [great road] to Napier, the back to Taupo and Taurangi. About 400 km of mostly sunshine. Moved on to Rororua, staying with friend of Tony Moyle where we went into Old Forrest Canopy on zip lines [flying fox] Longest line was 400m and 80m above ground, reaching about 60km/hr was pretty exciting.

Next day joined Ulysses club ride to drag racing near Auckland, over 100km each way and seemed over 100 corners as well. Great ride and drags were interesting.

Left and went north to Coromandel peninsular for two days, Good roads but rode little as mostly wet. Then across to west coast, Raglan, Te Kuiti, Taumarunui again.

Next day rode the Forgotten World Hwy, stopping for water falls, tunnel through rock
[no cement] and Whangamomona Hotel to Stratford. Another wet day of mostly highway to Woodville. Got lost in hills on way to Martinborough, but it was a great ride.

last day wet and very foggy [15/20km] over hills to hand bike back'

Unharmed'. Just over 4000km in 18 days, great roads, and people, green and a bit wet.


Bob Kendell