“Places you’ve never been”
Sat 28th May – Sunday 29th May 2016

Destination: Ned’s Corner, Victoria

Leaving from: Paringa, South Australia









Just had a great weekend doing a ride from Renmark to Neds Corner. Had to go to Adelaide for a meeting Friday morning then lunch time I headed off to Renmark. It pissed down all Friday morning in Adelaide and after leaving the McMahons office at lunchtime it continued to belt down with rain all the way to Truro. After arriving in
Renmark the bike wouldn’t start until I drained all the water out of the carbys.
Due to the rain our plans changed a bit and we rode as much of the way to Neds
Corner as possible in high country, which was quite easy.








Then we had to move down tolow country. The support vehicle was the first casualty, then the bikes started going down. It took well over an hour to complete the last 10 kms, at least half of it in first gear grinding away through the mud.  Of the four of us riding I was the only one not to fall off, this could be due to greater riding skill on my part, or more likely I was just too scared to fall off in case it hurt J, the other 3 fell off about 9 times between them.

But once we arrived at Neds Corner, had a few drinks some marinated roo on the bbq with a few vegies and some more wine all was good sitting around a campfire.

Sunday we picked some dryer roads to head out from Neds Corner and arrived back
in Renmark in the mid afternoon.