List of Contributors

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The Premier of South Australia – Lynn Arnold

The Premier of Queensland – Wayne Goss

The Premier of Victoria – Jeff Kennett

The Premier of Western Australia – Dr Carmen Lawrence

The Premier of Tasmania – Ray Groom

Lord Mayor of London – Sir Francis McWilliams

Leader of the Opposition (Victoria) – Joan Kirner

Leader of the Opposition (South Australia) – Dean Brown

Speaker of the House of Assembly – N. T. Peterson

The Ombudsman – E. Biganovski

Private Secretary to the Premier – John Mickel

Minister of Public Infrastructure – John Klunder

Minister of Roads and Ports (Victoria) – W.R. Baxter

Member for Hanson – Heini Becker

Member for Bright – Wayne Matthew

Senator Grant Chapman

Minister for Public Transport (Victoria) – Alan Brown

Mayor of Loxton – E.P. Jackson

Minister of Transport Development – Barbara Wiese

Member for Murray-Mallee – Peter Lewis

Federal Member for Mayo – Alexander Downer

Member for Stuart – Colleen Hutchinson

Member for Baudin – Don Hopgood

Senator Amanda Vanstone

Member for Light – Bruce Eastick

Senator Rosemary Crowley

Senator Peter Duncan

Member for Custance – Ivan Venning

Member for Adelaide – Michael Armitage

Member for Hawker – Chris Gallus

Member for Fisher – Bob Such

Member for Chaffey – Peter Arnold

Mayor of Carmarthen – Mrs Lorraine Maynard

Mayor of Berri – Margret Evans

Councillor of Carmarthen – D. Wyn Edwards

Acting Chief Administrative Officer – Scott Lowry