Members who had their articles printed in IFMR Newsletters to December 1993


Australia                                                                           Canada

Jerry Cornell, Mildura, Victoria.                            Allan R. King, Calgary, Alberta.

John Duggan, Mooroolbark, Victoria.       

David Fisher, Tailem Bend, S.A.                                                    New Zealand

David Ingerson, Berri, S.A.                                    Hoppy Richardson, Palmerson North.

Mary Morris, Adelaide, S.A.          

Tony Moyle, Loxton, S.A.                                                                U.S.A

David Riley, River Downs, Qld.                                Herb Bridge, Seattle, Washington.

Clive Sadleir, Berwick, Victoria.                             Tony D'Arcy, Jackson, California.

George Sinclair, Adelaide, S.A.                              Ron Dunlap, Bellevue, Washington.

Dig Traeger, Goolwa, S.A.                                      Russell Johnson, Newburyport, Massachusetts.

John White, North Balwyn, Victoria.                     David L. Powel, Jackson, California.          

Ron Wilson , Greenmount, W.A.                             Donald L. Youngs, Greenfield, Indiana.


United Kingdom
David Lamb, Divizes, Wilts.   Arthur Stubbs, Carmarthen.


In addition to the above, members who were mentioned in IFMR Newsletters to December 1993


Roger Baker, Broken Hill, NSW.                            Richard Bastian, Loxton, S.A.

Ian Biddle, Loxton, S.A.                                         Peter Browne, Broken Hill, NSW.

Malcolm Brownlee, Oakleigh, Victoria.                  Les Burgemeister, Loxton, S.A.

John Donaldson, Campbelltown, S.A.                     Rohan Genn, Frankston, Victoria.

Frank and Barbara Harrison, Victoria                   Brian Henry, Wagga Wagga, NSW

Robin Hood, Tailem Bend, S.A.                              John Jarvis, Huntingdale, Victoria

Paul Pfitzner, Loxton, S.A.                                    Bill Reichstein, Loxton, S.A.

Neil Schlein, Loxton, S.A.                                     Peter (Mr) Smith, NSW.

Bill Starr, Loxton, S.A.                                         Peter Stevens Motorcycles, Melbourne, Victoria.

Bob Tate, Alexandra, Victoria.                             Geoff Ward, Swan Hill, Victoria.

Des Watts, Forbes, NSW                                     Wayne Wurst, Loxton, S.A.


New Zealand                                                          David Gamble, Dunedin.


John Anderson, Seattle, Washington.                  Daniel Flanigan, RI HQ, Evanston

Clifford L. Dochterman, Moraga, California.         K.C. Hicks, San Clemente, California.       

Rick Luedke, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.                      Ron W. Lyster, Los Angeles, California.

Julius Schoettle, Lansing, Illinois.                        Jerry Shannon, Boise City, Oklahoma.             

Charlie Spann, St Louis, Missouri.


Great Britain

Paul Abbott, Hartlepool.         Geoff Morriss, Dyfed.              Neville Riley, Kenilworth, Warickshire.


The December 1993 Membership Directory listed as Honorary Members:

Rick Luedke, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, U.S.A.          Andres L. Guillen, Hong Kong                     

John Hardy, Glenelg, S.A. Australia                    Brian Henry, Wagga Wagga, NSW, Australia


Of the 426 members, or potential members listed, they were by country:

Australia - 112.                                             Europe - 20.                                      Northern Europe - 35.

Great Britain - 19.                                        Hong Kong – 2.                                  India - 14.     

Japan – 2.                                                     Africa – 7.                                        Philippine – 7.

Malaysia – 2.                                                 Mexico – 1.                                       New Zealand – 6.

Singapore – 1.                                               South America – 5.                          Turkey – 1

North America – 192.

Top:    1992/93 Rotary International World President, Clifford L. Dochterman extracting himself 

                          from a sidecar at the 1993 RI World Convention in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Centre Left: Rtn Arsoy Osmond and wife Sevil. Turkey

Centre Right: Ronald W. Lyster, Los Angeles, California, USA, astride his Harley Davison.

Bottom: Dig Traeger, Goolwa, S.A. Australia about to race his Manx Norton.


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