Let’s experience the good old days !

IFMR - 27 Year Reunion

A long weekend in Swan Hill

24th to 26th April - Anzac Day Long Weekend

  • Catch up with old friends,Past Members, Current Members, and Potential Members.

  • A number of the gentlemen in the first photograph have said they are going to be there. You are assured of some tall stories being told.

  • Some of these guys have been places, and done things (and survived – not always without pain) that you may find hard to believe.

  • An excellent opportunity to introduce a friend to the IFMR – they don’t need to ride a motorcycle.

  • For those of you who no longer ride, have never ridden, or don’t have a bike, drive up in your car, fly in, catch a bus – just BE THERE!

Let’s see if we can have all active states represented!


1994, 1st IFMR Meet & Greet (Swan Hill)                                                                                                            2012, IFMR Meet & Greet (Swan Hill)

Questions to:   Tony Moyle                M:   0488 171 317                E:  moylead@gmail.com

IFMR State Representatives

New South Wales: Peter Perriman            Email: staterep-nsw@ifmraustralia.org

Queensland: Frank Hiscock                     Email: staterep-qld@ifmraustralia.org

Victoria/Tas: Peter Schultheiss                    Email: staterep-vic-tas@ifmraustralia.org

Western Australia: Bill Ivory                   Email:  staterep-wa@ifmraustralia.org

Sth Australia/NT: Tony Moyle                    Email: staterep-sa-nt@ifmraustralia.org