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Friday 09-Jul-2021

Monday 16-Aug-2021

IFMRA: The NSW Rep's Big Bike Ride.. July - August 2021

Contact: Peter Perriman

Location: Your Residence or Place of Departure

JULY 9th to AUGUST 16th 2021

We have finalised the itinerary for our big Bike trip this year around most of Australia which is attached. (Providing the borders remain open !!)

We have broken it up as Part A and Part B as some riders still work and are not free for the whole trip. (Maps at bottom page)

Riders are free to join at any time during the trip however, they will need to book their own accommodation along the way.

• (Just a note, whilst we have an itinerary it is flexible, as we may stay extra nights or visit other points of interest along the way).

For more information about this Ride click on the following link:

For more Information: contact Peter Perriman (NSW IFMRA State Representative)


Phone: 0411 118 506



Thursday 29-Jul-2021

Thursday 12-Aug-2021

IFMR: Ride Spring in Western Australia, 29th July - 12th Aug 2021

Contact: Bill Ivory

Location: Your Residence or Place of Departure

Ride Spring in Western Australia is all about wide open spaces, breathtaking scenery….. and wildflowers. The only thing missing is YOU and your bike. IFMR members and friends, partners are welcome. We plan to cap the numbers at about ten (ush) to minimise accommodation hassles, but all are welcome. You don’t need to be a member to join the ride.

This ride is in two parts….a Northern leg and a Southern leg. Riders are free to join one or both legs of the ride. The ride has been constructed with flexibility as a priority.

  • Riders from WA start from Perth or join us along the route.

  • For Riders who wish to fly in to Perth and hire a bike, there are tips on hire costs etc in later pages.

  • Riders who choose to ride across the Nullarbor, your schedule has us all meeting at Mt Magnet.

  • Riders on the IFMR NSW ‘Big Lap’ who wish to slow down and ‘smell the roses’ can join us at Mt Magnet.


    There are two maps and schedules in later pages. The first part of the document caters to those who start and finish in Perth (locals and fly ins). The second part of the document caters to those intrepid adventurers who will ride across the Nullarbor.

This Northern leg is planned to coincide with a ‘Big Lap’ ride organised by Peter Perriman from IFMR NSW. The schedule for our ride has us crossing paths with the ‘Lappers’ at Mount Magnet (read about it here). After a shared coffee with the ‘Lappers’ we move to the Indian Ocean coast at Geraldton and make our own slow lap back to Perth. That marks the end of the Northern leg.

The Southern leg takes us down to Margaret River via the picturesque regional cities of Mandurah, Bunbury and Busselton. From there we wend our way through the Southern Forests to Albany, then Esperance.

Riders who crossed the Nullarbor and the ‘Lappers’ who joined us at Mt Magnet will leave us at Norseman to turn east, while the rest of us visit Kalgoorlie before heading back to Perth.

COVID It goes without saying that COVID could scuttle any plan….including this one. But we are motorcyclists…not librarians! The ride will go ahead unless COVID closes State borders, irrespective of numbers. You will have to make your own decisions about participating..

ACCOMMODATION: Use the schedules in later pages to book your accommodation. Most of us will try and share a room, but by making your own bookings you are not being ‘organised’ into something you don’t want. In some little towns we are likely to be spread among more than one accommodation place but we will always have dinner together. Anyone stuck for someone to share a room with can call me (0427548212) and I will try to help.